Department of Interior Design

About the Departement
The Department of Interior Design seeks in coordination with the College Administration and in accordance with the policies of the University to adopt the methods to achieve the quantitative and qualitative development of the department and to develop the study programs and increase the student capacity. The Department of Interior Design offers a program of quality and creativity to qualify graduates with high efficiency to meet the needs of the labor market. To develop the academic and administrative work in the department work on the development of curricula and courses in the department, work on creating the school environment in the department and provide administrative and academic performance aids in the department and the establishment of more studios not The academic expansion of the department and business will be organized and participated in workshops, conferences, symposia and symposia at the local and regional levels, achieving community development through encouraging and supporting

Fields of work for graduates
Developing human resources in the field of specialization by graduating graduates who are scientifically qualified in the field of interior design by providing them with the principles of knowledge, understanding, creative thinking, practical scientific skills, human resources development, preparing graduates for competition and excellence in the labor market and entrepreneurship in line with the vision of 2030, achieving quality, excellence and creativity. In education and linking it to the needs of the society and the labor market, and simulation of modern scientific and technical development in the fields of interior design and the latest methods of design technology, which helps the continuous interaction with the community through research and applied studies And the best available methods in programs and technology

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