Department of Interior Design

Introduction to the department

The Department of Interior Design, in coordination with the college administration and in accordance with the university’s policies, seeks to adopt methods that ensure the quantitative and qualitative development of the department, develop study programs and increase student capacity. The Department of Interior Design offers an educational program characterized by quality and creativity to qualify highly qualified female graduates who meet the needs of the labor market and in light of these indicators, the vision The future for the development of academic and administrative work ,,In the department, working on developing curricula and decisions in the department, working to create the academic environment in the department, providing administrative and academic performance aids in the department and establishing more studios to accommodate the academic expansion of the department and business, organizing and participating in workshops, conferences, seminars and seminars at the local and regional levels, achieving development in society by encouraging And support the spirit of creativity and innovation to create a distinctive internal environment that achieves the targeted outputs visually and functionally, educating society about the importance of designing the internal environment that reflects the principles and values ​​of the Saudi society and meets its needs and requirements.

Program Goals


  1. Providing knowledge and human knowledge in light of the tolerant principles and teachings of Islam

  2. Emphasizing the Islamic curriculum and the heritage identity of the Kingdom, by making use of design thinking.
  3. Qualifying the department's graduates to interact with the requirements of the times and the ability to use modern technology tools in projects.
  4. To prepare graduates who are capable of self-development and self-learning to keep pace with the continuous technical changes.
  5. Providing graduates with the necessary expertise to continue graduate studies and carry out research and scientific publishing work to support and advance the rules and tools of human knowledge.
  6. Continuous development and modernization in areas related to the specialization in line with the state's policy in scientific trends to keep pace with the global modern technical fields.
  7. Alumni Authority for Entrepreneurship, establishing projects and specialized exhibitions, and honing their talents.

  8. Qualifying students with the skills, knowledge and trends required to work in the local market and gain the confidence of society and external institutions.

  9. Providing engineering institutions with scientifically and practically qualified cadres in the field of interior design, whether engineering, scientific or humanitarian, with the ability to practice imagination and creativity in the field of interior design.

  10. Providing high-quality educational programs that live up to international standards and cover the needs of the local community.

  11. Using advanced teaching methods to ensure that the educational outcomes of the offered programs are achieved.

  12. Providing professional services in giving technical advice to public and private bodies in various fields of interior design.

Integration of the educational process and educational product with the institution’s mission In line with the university’s mission, which aims to develop specialized competencies and contribute to the production and transfer of knowledge to nourish and support the development engine, the focus of the educational process in the department is to prepare those competencies and develop their creative capabilities in the field of interior design.

To contact the department: Dr.Faten Yanksary


Department Secretary: Lamia Al-Thaqafi