Business Identity (LOGO)

date of publication : 2022-03-06

During the week of events for the College of Design and Applied Arts, on the Maharat platform, it conducted a number of seminars and events, including "Logo", through the Maharat platform.
 The seminar was delivered by Dr. Samira Muhammad Ali Al-Otaibi, on 14/7/1443 AH, from 4:00 to 6:00 pm.

The topics were:

The difference between the identity and the logo of the brand.
How can a strong brand identity work?
Conditions to be met when designing a logo.
Some of the meanings associated with some colors when selected in the brand logo.
Shapes and their meanings when selected in the brand logo.
Examples of the best logos for some brands in the fashion world.
What is the importance of the logo for the brand?
Types of logos and choosing the appropriate ones