polarization and emission unit


Achieving diversity and excellence in the faculty’s academic staff by attracting faculty members with expertise and scientific and research competence and supporting the faculty’s scholarship students in their path of personal, professional and cultural development during scholarships.

the message:

Providing human-centered (individual) support as a basic platform to support the college community.


Supporting the college by understanding the needs of the beneficiaries regarding the nature of the college community and providing appropriate services
Providing continuous channels of communication between faculty members from within and those on scholarships abroad.

Providing impartial and constructive criteria for the polarization mechanism so that they are designed based on previous experiences and future visions of the college
Dealing with the requests of applicants for academic work in the college based on standards that are built and updated according to the needs of the departments in the college
Dealing with the procedures for attracting students from the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques program according to the needs of the departments in the college
Continuous communication with the college's scholarship students and submitting annual reports to follow up their performance
Conducting periodic surveys (or interviews) to understand the needs of former and current scholarship students and providing support plans based on their experiencesا