MIS Club

About the  Club:

Club  aims to collect students interested in the field of information management systems and provide an appropriate environment to help them build a distinguished scientific personality in this area and it is a link between the members of the faculty and students section. The club consists of 33 students, President: Asma Mater Al-Otaibi, Supervisor: Deputy Head of Department of Administrative Information Systems d. Latifa Al-Zahrani



We seek to promote a culture of teamwork and creative innovation in the field of management information systems.



Put a distinctive fingerprint in the college and contribute actively to the development of student skills in various fields to improve the scientific and practical outcome.



Holding courses and workshops from the members of the club
Various campaigns within the college
Give full opportunity to all female students to participate in all club programs.
To promote the spirit of interaction and enhance the spirit of teamwork among female students.
Communication between students, faculty members and club staff via social networking sites (Twitter account)


Events and activities established and future:

Our first meeting entitled Counseling from Female Students Graduates of the Department of Modern and Present Girls * Held at the club's corner
A workshop entitled SWOT Analysis was held at the club corner.
Workshop on the role of MIS in activating Vision 2030
Create a committee of student students to help any student encounter a problem in understanding the content of certain section materials.
The event entitled Safe Leadership.
Stereoscopic work skills.
Introducing the information management system through the club account in Twitter.
An activity entitled How to prepare for tests
Definition of the role and importance of the academic guide.