Faculty of Arts Hosts Social Networks and Intellectual Security’s Panel

date of publication : 2020-02-12
Last week, the Faculty of Arts hosted a panel entitled: the role of social networks in enhancing intellectual security at the college's theater. It was presented by Dr. Samir Al-Sharif, a faculty member at the Faculty of Computing and Information Technology at the University of Taif, and moderated by Dr. Mazen Al-Harthi, the Vice Dean of the College of Arts.
Dr. Samir Al-Sharif started his talk about social networks, their concept and beginnings, as well as the concept of intellectual security and its classification among societies.
Dr. Al-Sharif stressed that social media networks are an environment in which the promotion of ideas and beliefs as well as behaviors of all kinds is widespread, and that the individual can define his needs and his ritual motives and access them with ease. Therefore, the community should be sensitized and guided by the seriousness of the virtual world and transcending geographical boundaries and its impact on societies.
At the end of the panel, the attendees from department chairs, faculty, and students started asking questions and engaged in conversations.