The Vice Dean of college of Arts at Kuwait University visited the campus of college of Arts at Taif University

date of publication : 2019-04-08

Dr . Suad Abdulwahab ,the Vice Dean of college of Arts at Kuwait University , visited the campus of college of Arts at Taif University where she met Dr.Naif Albarraq , the Dean of the college , and some faculty members . 

Dr. Suad Abdulwahab was given an idea about the college departments : Arabic Language Department , Foreign Languages Department , Media and Communication Department , the Department of History and the Department of Psychology ,as well as a brief overview of  the role of the college in teaching Arabic for non-Arabic speakers , its publications and the Human Sciences magazine provided by the university . Furthermore , she watched a video presentation on the new programs launched by the college ,such as teaching Chinese and French languages in the Foreign Languages Department , which was introduced in collaboration with the Deanship of Supporting Studies .

In this regard ,Dr. Albarraq illustrated the role of such visits  in tying the bonds between both countries ,leading to make use of their academic ,scientific , cultural and research interests . Taking into considerations the variety of majors in both colleges , they invariably contribute to the construction of the culture and identity of each country . In addition , Dr. Albarraq affirmed that the president of Taif University ,Dr. Husam Zaman  , always urges the university members to draw on the expertise of others and to seek knowledge exchange by cooperating with the relevant authorities .  

For his part , Dr.Husam Zaman , the president of Taif University , met Dr. Suad Abdulwahab and welcomed her to Saudi Arabia as her second homeland . He stressed the importance of building bridges of cooperation between Taif and Kuwait Universities as well as the importance of exchanging knowledge and experience between them . Furthermore , Dr.Zaman expressed the college willingness to provide any kind of collaboration with Kuwait University and presented the cultural activities held by Taif University ,such as the cultural program held annually in Souq Oqaz , Prince Abdullah AlFaisal’s international award for Arabic poetry and many other activities .