The College of Arts honors its former Vice Dean, Dr. Mitrik Al-Subaie

date of publication : 2019-04-08

The College of Arts , represented by its Dean , Dr, Naif AlBarraq , the heads of the departments,  and faculty members,  pleasingly honored Dr . Mitrik AlSobayie ,the former Vice -Dean of the college  in a ceremony took place last Wednesday .  
The ceremony started with a speech, in wich Dr. Naif Albarraq commended Dr. Al-Sobayie’s efforts , commitment to work and  achievements  . Furthermore ,Dr. AlBarraq extended his sincere thanks to him for what he had accomplished over the years of his service as the Vice- Dean . 

After that , in regard to this occasion  ,Dr. Ali AlEnezi ,the head of Media and Communication Department , recited a poem in celebration of Dr. AlSobayie . 

Then , Dr. Mitrik AlSobayie gave a special word of thanks to Dr. Naif AlBarraq for this celebration of appreciation and stated that such celebrations are not unusual since this is exactly what he usually does with all the members of the college . He added that he had to step down and leave the position owing to his circumstances ,and thanked Dr . Husam Zaman and Dr. Naif AlBarraq for understanding that .
Finally , The Dean of the college presented a commemorative plaque to Dr.AlSobayie .