Technology Department

1. Introduction

The Department of Computer Science at the Community College of Taif University is specialized in awarding graduates a two-year diploma in a specialization that is the most dynamic and diverse and the fastest growing branch of knowledge in the recent period. The Department of Computer Science is concerned with the provision of trained and qualified manpower directed to the applied fields in order to meet the needs of the labor market from skilled professionals to middle-level professionals.

2. Vision

The computer department of the community college should prepare the graduates of the secondary school and prepare them for the job market or join the faculty of computers and information at the universities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

3. Message

The Department of Computer Science at the Community College aims at preparing qualified technical competencies qualified for practical work in the field of smart devices and systems.

4. The Objectives and Values of the department

The Computer Science Department aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Prepare the graduate to be able to run, repair and program smart devices.
  2. Qualifying graduates to run smart government applications.
  3. Provide the graduates with the necessary skills to deal with cloud computing and Internet application management.
  4. Prepare the graduate to be able to secure data and network

5. Degrees Awarded by the Department

The Department of Computer Science is awarded a certificate according to the track:

- Qualifying track and ends with granting diploma degree by specialization.

- Transition track to join the Faculty of Computing and Information Technology to obtain a bachelor's degree.

6. Fine Disciplines

The computer science department has three detailed educational programs as follows:

  • Network Technology and Security program
  • Smart Technologies Program
  • Computer Maintenance Program
  • Programming Technology

7. Contact Information for the Department

  • Ex: 1033-1036