Reports and achievements

 The International Day of Radiology-2019

The College of Applied Sciences, represented by the Department of Radiological sciences, held a student event in association with World Radiology Day. It was attended by a group of students from all levels under the title (Sports Imaging) and the students presented some of their skills in an attractive and professional manner. The attendance was honored by the college vice deans and department heads

Students activity-Department of Radiological science

Students of the Department of Radiological science level III held a student activity within the activities of ethics and patient care in radiology. Under the title (dealing with medical emergencies).The students demonstrated the skills studied in the theoretical aspect

 The International Day of Radiology

The Radiology Department held the International Day of Radiology at the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences


The Department of Radiology at the Faculty of Medical and Applied Sciences held workshop under the title
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Presented by Prof. Bassem Raafat, on Tuesday 28/2/1440 AH

Awareness of the risk of breast cancer activity

Department of Radiology at Taif University was held the first activity on Tuesday, 22 Muharram 1440H, aiming to increase social awareness of the risk of breast cancer and the importance......

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