About the Department


Our Vision:

Be a physiotherapy program of academically and professionally distinguished programs, research and competition of similar programs at the global level

Our Mission

To graduate qualified physiotherapists are able to provide specialized physiotherapy services, able to provide a special treatment treatment for patients, help to increase scientific research, and raise awareness of the health of rehabilitation in Saudi society.

Our Values:

Quality: Mastery of work on quality standards.
Belonging: Deepening student affiliation to the homeland.
Cooperation: To promote effective collective participation in the university environment.


The development of physical therapists, equipped to practice the profession with excellence in a variety of health care settings.

Facilitate the mentality of evidence-based practice and lifelong learning to deal with professional development.

Assure excellence in clinical education.

Improve faculty cadres with appropriate qualifications and experience.

Contribute to the international body of knowledge in physiotherapy through participation in research and academic activities.

Continually improving school curricula, focusing on evidence-based practice and linking them to the health and social needs of Saudi Arabia.