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If anyone wanted to look at the inception of Architectural Engineering, he may need to look at the history of humanity. Habitation was associated with the existing of humanity thousands of years ago. This need for residence has been developed to cover not only places for people to live in, but rather more complex and advanced buildings such as castles and huge structures.

The major topics of architecture is design which is deals with all different types of buildings even complex configurations such as airports, stations and more. Another subject to consider is urban planning which is very important as its deal with the scale of city with taking into account all requirements and needs of residents. Moreover, there is energy efficiency in buildings which aim to elevate the performance, and also the new emerging field which is building information modelling (BIM) which is a platform aiding to store and recall data to be used in construction across various specialties on site.   

One of the strongest points which make this program different is that it takes into consideration the modern knowledge in architecture such as energy efficiency in buildings as well as the concept of BIM.

Dr. Mamdooh Alwetaishi

Program Supervisor


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