Hydraulics and Hydrology lab

The laboratory has been operational since 2011 and is well equipped to meet a wide range of modeling requirements. The lab can be used for teaching and training purposes to students, faculty, field engineers and researchers at various levels dealing with water and related subjects. The major facilities in Hydraulics and Hydrology laboratory include:

  1. HM162 Modular Flow Channel

Using the Modular Flow Channel HM162 in conjunction with wide range of accessory units, the behavior of flows can be demonstrated in numerous experiments. This makes it possible for researchers and students to demonstrate flow behavior in open channels and its modeling, bed load and suspended sediment transport, and studying wave behavior at sea shores.


II. HM145 Advanced Hydrology System

This apparatus demonstrates some of the major physical processes found in hydrology and fluvial geomorphology.


III. HM169 Drainage and Seepage Tank

The HM 169 experimental set-up is designed for the investigation of flows in subsoil. 

IV. FM 100 Hydraulic Bench

Dedicated bench to provide a recirculating water supply and digital flow meter for a wide range of teaching equipment from our Fluid Mechanics range