Strength of materials and concrete technology laboratory

The Strength of materials and Concrete Testing Laboratory contains facilities for conducting tests on metals, fresh concrete and hardened concrete. The laboratory has facilities for mixing, casting, curing, and testing concrete cylinders, beams, and reinforced concrete structural members. The capacity of the laboratory is about 20 students.

*Tests carried out on metals

1. Universal testing machine


Many tests could be carried out by this machine as follows:

a)      Tension test;

b)      Compression test;      

c)      Bending test

2. Hardness testing machine


The tests that can be conducted by this machine are:

a)      Brinell hardness test

b)      Vickers hardness test

c)      Rockwell hardness test


*Tests carried out on hardened concrete

1. Universal testing machine


Many tests could be carried out by this machine on hardened concrete such as compressive strength test and bending test.

2. Density of Hardened Concrete

This equipment is used for determination of the density of hardened concrete.

*Tests carried out on Fresh Concrete

1. Air Content in Concrete

Through this test, the air entrainment in fresh concrete can be determined.

2.  V-BE compaction tester

The main test carried out by this equipment is the Compaction of fresh concrete.

*Non-Destructive Tests on concrete

1. Digital Schmidt hammer

This device can be used for estimation of the Compressive strength of concrete.

2. Rebar detector and cover meter

This device is used for detection of rebar positions and cover thickness.

3.  Slump Test Equipment

This equipment is used to determine the consistency of fresh concrete.