Head's Word

I would like to begin this brief letter by thanking Prof. Dr. Saad bin Salem Al-Zahrani (Director of university) and Dr. Adel bin Abdullah Qabouri (Dean of Science College) for their confidence in a decision to assign me the head of the Department of Biology and I ask God to be able to serve our students and department members. The Department of Biology is one of the important and vital departments of the Faculty of Science at the University, and biology occupies a distinctive and leading position among other sciences, as biology has a close relationship with other sciences such as chemistry, physics, geology and other sciences. It also plays an essential role in people's lives and affairs. It allows mankind to better understand their body, resources and potential threats in the environment.

The teaching staff of the department consists of a group of qualified and experienced faculty members that undertake the tasks of teaching courses of students in addition to conducting scientific research published in refereed journals. The department offers outstanding opportunities to study biology in various disciplines (Botany, Zoology, Microbiology and General biology). The efforts in the department are based on establishing students with the required scientific knowledge and basic skills according to distinct academic standards that will contribute after God's will enable the student after graduation from competing competently in the labour market for career opportunities in related fields , or complete his graduate studies in any branch of biology Different .

The department looks forward to achieving the Kingdom's vision of national (2030), which is based on its priorities to / over education, scientific research and community service. The department also seeks to develop some qualitative study programs such as professional masters, which will contribute, God willing, to support our Dear home qualified graduates with high efficiency in order to keep pace of the requirements of the labor market scientifically and technically in order to contribute to the advancement of this nation.

best regards sincerely