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Objectives of the Master's programs in Biology Department

1- Providing the labor market with the needs of distinguished scientific personnel.

2-Link between the life sciences, their applications, their relationship with society, and the environment.

3-Consolidation of links in the disciplines of biology with Saudi and Arab universities and scientific bodies.

Admission Requirements for Master's Programs

-The applicant must be a Saudi or an official postgraduate scholarship if he is a non-Saudi

-The applicant must have a university degree from a Saudi university or another recognized university

-To be a good conduct and morally fit

-To provide two scientific certificates of teachers who have already t.-Approval of reference to the study if he is an employee

-The student gets a "very good" grade at least at the undergraduate level. The Deanship of Graduate Studies Council may accept a "good high" grade, at least the student's rate of "very good" in the specialization courses of the bachelor's degree