Introduction to Academic Accreditation


Is an official certificate tested by a recognized organization confirming that the educational institution or academic program meets the quality assurance and accreditation requirements and standards adopted by the Board of Directors of this organization

To obtain academic accreditation

The national organization responsible for granting accreditation is the Evaluation Authority for Education and Training through the National Center for Accreditation and Academic Accreditation as a local authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. There are other international organizations. The Center is responsible for academic accreditation in higher education institutions

The importance of obtaining university accreditation

  • Contribute to the realization of the vision of the Kingdom 2030
  • Recognition of the educational institution and its academic programs
  • Strengthening the University's reputation at the local, regional and global levels
  • Promoting excellence and quality for university performance
  • Ensuring and improving the quality of the organization's outputs
  • Guarantee for outstanding academic programs
  • Raise the level of professional performance and achieve job satisfaction for its employees
  • Graduates from an accredited institution have better jobs
  • Creating diverse community partnerships
  • To reassure the community that the quality of the institution is indeed high
  • Gain the trust of the local and international community in the outputs and programs of the organization
  • Ensure continuous improvement and improvement of performance