Professional Development and Management Unit

It falls under both the Professional Development Committee and the Media Committee

first: The tasks of the Professional Development Committee

1. Professional development of the university staff and upgrading their competence in the fields of university education, scientific research, management, leadership and community service.

2. Assess the training needs of the university staff and prepare training programs that meet these needs.

3. To spread the culture of professional development and self-learning among the faculty members of the university.

4. Confirm and ensure the application of international standards in training for the qualification and accreditation of trainers, and in the design and preparation of training portfolios as well as provide the appropriate training environment.

5. Organizing courses, training programs, workshops, seminars, lectures and panel discussions for the faculty members of the university.

6. Organizing meetings for new faculty members to familiarize them with the training programs, regulations and instructions used at the university.

7. Cooperation and communication with similar agencies, centers, and institutions at home and abroad to exchange experiences and achieve quality.

8. Prepare and issue bulletins and manuals that contribute to the development of faculty members ' skills.

9. Equivalence of training certificates obtained by faculty members from other universities or institutions.

Second: The functions of the Media Committee

1. Follow up and update the content of the website of the deanship of University Development on the new university site periodically.

2. Follow-up of the website of the deanship of University Development on WordPress and raise the forms of work, manuals and various files on it.

3. Preparing the content of the introductory videos, advertisements, flyers, and brochures of the project of institutional and programmatic development evaluation.

4. Preparing the content of the definition, education, and welcoming of the television screens located in the Deanship.

5. Preparing and publishing SMS messages and tweets to the deanship account on Twitter.

Third: Administrative tasks

1. Ensure the integrity of the organizational structures at the University and review the administrative work procedures.

2. To submit an organizational proposal aimed at integrating the administrative work between the two universities.

3. Provide a comprehensive perception of the transformation of the university's vision and management approach from a working environment – a purely routine – that manages the staff member's administrative profile into a dynamic management environment that aims at professional growth and increases the productive capacity of all the university's administrative staff.

4-Preparing a Time plan (annual) for the functions and work of the section.

5. Develop a comprehensive plan of action for the establishment of a procedural manual for all university entities.

6. Design of job Description cards for all Department staff.

7. Establishment of a procedural manual for the Department of Development and Administrative management.

8. Design the structures, mechanisms and procedures of the newly developed departments and departments.