International Accreditation


International Programmatic Accreditation:

Academic programs in educational institutions are accredited by international accreditation bodies of high academic standing and reputation

Steps for International Programmatic Accreditation:

1) Selecting the international accreditation body from the list approved by Taif University

2) Filling in the application form for international accreditation and submit it to the Program’s College.

3) Submitting the application form after approval by the College to the Deanship of University Development.

4) Approval of the Deanship of University Development

5) Approval of the Executive Office for Academic Accreditation at Taif University

6) Approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Development

7) Approval of the National Center for Assessment and Academic Accreditation

8) Initiation of contracting procedures with the international accreditation body in accordance with the regulations approved by the Education and Training Evaluation Commission (attached).


Regulations for obtaining programmatic accreditation from international bodies