Quality assurance and Academic Accreditation Unit

The quality assurance and academic Accreditation Unit is one of the Deanships of university development, and its functions are:

1-proposing an internal quality system at the university.
2. Development of a quality assurance action plan at the university.
3. Proposing policies and mechanisms to support the achievement of quality standards.
4. Follow-up and evaluation of the implementation of policies and mechanisms that support the achievement of quality standards.
5. Develop the systems, standards, and models used to evaluate performance.
 6-Providing technical support to the faculties and departments of the university to help them to implement quality standards.
 7-Documenting the performance of the university's educational, research and service activities.
 8-spreading the culture of quality among the university employees.
Internal Audit Committee at Deanship:

The Internal Audit Committee was formed at the deanship of university development in order to review and ensure the effectiveness of academic and administrative processes in the university, and its role is to follow the work of academic accreditation in both the institutional and programmatic and its functions:

1-Preparing the internal audit forms necessary to meet the requirements of qualification for academic accreditation and software and the standards of the advanced version of the academic accreditation and software issued by the National Center for Academic Evaluation and accreditation.
2-Training The employees of colleges, programs, deanships and departments on how to meet the internal audit models and the auditing systems for academic accreditation and programmatic.
3-Verifying that colleges, programs, deanships, and departments meet the requirements of qualifying for institutional and programmatic academic accreditation.
4. To verify that colleges, programs, deanships, and departments meet the standards of the upgraded version of the institutional Academic accreditation issued by the National Center for Academic Accreditation and evaluation and express an opinion about them.
5. Documenting quality and academic accreditation activities through the collection of data on the availability of standards, criteria, and indicators for measurement and evaluation.
6-training colleges, programs, Deanships, and departments to visit a simulation similar to the visit of the external review and use its methods of interviews, individual and group discussions, observation, and documentary examination.
7-Conducting audits and preparing technical reports that will help the university and its programs to qualify for academic accreditation and submit suggestions for improvement priorities.