Academic Program Development Unit

Under which the Executive Office for programmatic transformation, whose functions are:

1-Follow up the development of academic programs (improvement-development-integration) with the preparation of a report on compliance with the directives of the Ministry of Education in relation to this program.

2. Prepare a report on the activities of the advisory committees at the faculties and follow up on the implementation of their recommendations.

3-to follow up the development and updating of study plans in academic programs at the university.

4. Preparation of reports on the completeness of academic programs in colleges, including the curriculum files.

5-proposing workshops to develop academic programs at the university based on the study of the reality of colleges.

6. Prepare a report on the consistency of academic programmes at the university with the National Qualifications Framework.

7-Follow up the modernization of academic programs.

8-study the reality of jobs for each program in the university through the reports of the Ministry of Civil service.

9-Communicating with the academic program development committees at the colleges within the university.