Planning and Follow-up Unit

    Under which both the Archiving and Automation Committee and the annual Report committee are               included

      First: Functions of the Archiving and Automation Committee

            1. Receive all files from the subcommittees and classify them according to the main criteria, substandard,                 and parameters.

              - File specification sent: In the WORD image, PDF.
              - The title of the document expresses its content.
              - Compilation of documents in the appropriate manner as deemed appropriate by the Committee
              - Clarify the sender's data in e-mail and the purpose of sending it.
             2 -A model of a database classified according to the addressees (faculties-pillars-departments).

             3. Specification of what we can call evidence and ascertain its credibility.

                 - On the official paper of the university by its outgoing and accredited
                 - With the number and date  "barcode " according to the electronic archiving system for the

             preservation and circulation of transactions at the university and the signature of the official of the sender.
                - Its content conforms to the requirements of academic development and accreditation.
                - The transaction date is not in accordance with an official leave.
            4. Compilation of evidence from sub-criteria committees in a single submission to the self-study Drafting                    Committee.

            5. Writing periodic reports on the progress of work and the main obstacles and bringing them to the                            Executive Office.

            6. Work mandated by the Executive Office.

    Second: The tasks of the Annual Report Committee

           1- Preparation of statistics and data for the deanship of university development.
           2-monitoring the activities and achievements of the Committees, and compiling quarterly reports on the

             performance of the committees working in the deanship.
         3 - Prepare an annual report for infertility, and provide an accurate and updated report for the annual

            deanship updates.
         4- Preparation of a standardized annual report for faculties, departments, and centers at Taif University in 

           order to facilitate the completion of annual reports and the standardization of effort.
         5-  Preparation and updating of data on the names of the different sectors of the university.
         6- Cooperation with all units of the university to explain how to fill the Annual Report form.

         7- Receive the annual reports from all the university units and review them.