Taif University and the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Assessment sign six contracts for institutional and program evaluation

date of publication : 2018-11-14

His Excellency the rector of Taif University Dr. Hossam Ben Abdel Wahab Zaman and the Executive Director of the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Assessment, Dr. Ahmed bin Yahya Al-Jubaili yesterday contract to implement the evaluation study at the institutional level.

The two sides also signed five more contracts for academic accreditation at the program level, including: general biology programs, pharmacy, medicine and surgery, foreign languages and clinical laboratory sciences.

The rector of Taif University said that last year the university witnessed a huge academic movement to conduct a comprehensive review of all academic programs of the bachelor's degree in order to achieve the program transformation project, focusing on learning outcomes, building teaching strategies and coordinating evaluation policies according to academic accreditation standards and reference indicators in international universities. And the National Qualifications Framework.

Dr. Zaman pointed out that the university aimed at implementing the program transformation program to achieve several objectives, the most important of which is the immediate response to the vision of the Kingdom (2030) to re-invest in education and re-employ it to serve development needs. As well as to raise the university's readiness for any institutional accreditation processes within the Kingdom or from outside, and make the development and improvement and review are a year for all employees of the university and that cares about all employees of the university, and not be the exclusive agency or a specific deanship or the University. And make the development and improvement and review are common to all employees of the university

Dr. Abdulrahman Al Asmari, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs and Development, said that in order toachieve the academic accreditation of all its programs, the University launched the "Program Transformation" project, which was a major challenge, with 51 academic programs at the university, it is distributed in more than 20 colleges with 70,000 students.