Book Discussion Program (Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn)

date of publication : 2022-04-06

A discussion of a book entitled (Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn) by the author John C. Maxwell began on the Reading Club and also on the platform of the Skills Program, on Monday, 25/8/1443 AH, at twelve o'clock in the afternoon, presented by Dr. Khadija Muhammad Abul-Naga. The total number of attendees from the Skills Platform and Reading Club was 63. The doctor started her talk about the book’s themes, including we never lose, but we learn. She mentioned that humility and truth are the spirit and foundation of learning and discussed the idea that responsibility is the first step to learning and that the center of motivation for learning is improvement. Hope and that the opportunities and value of learning lie in contemporary problems and increasing maturity, so this book was one of the best sellers in the world due to the realism and importance of the idea discussed by it of useful information and strategies that help the reader to overcome problems in every matter, and the readers interacted with the doctor by speaking About the problems in their lives and how to overcome them and concluded the session with a heartfelt thanks to the doctor and the attendees for their good listening