Dean's word

The Deanship of e-Learning and Information Technology at Taif University strives to be a global service center that enhances the role of the university in building a knowledge society and leading the way in electronic transactions and transformation into an intelligent complex.

Thanks to God and then with the support of our wise government and the direct attention of His Excellency the Director of Taif University, the Deanship of e-learning and Information Technology has implemented several projects to build an integrated infrastructure and develop a comprehensive electronic system and highly qualified work teams capable of providing distinguished services to university employees , Faculty members, staff)

The Deanship of e-Learning and Information Technology has the responsibility to provide and develop high-quality intelligent solutions that support teaching, learning and scientific research of the university and its branches and headquarters. It also disseminates the culture of technical awareness and raising the level of expertise of the university employees.


Dean of the Deanship of e-Learning and Information Technology