Head's Word

Scientific development in the last three decades may be equivalent to the progress of humanity throughout its long history and that the twenty-first century will be known as the era of genetic engineering applications. With the growing population in the world in general, and in Arabic countries in particular, it is necessary to introduce all new and remarkable developments in the field of biotechnology, to achieve satisfaction in all aspects of life including agriculture, industry, environment, food production, health and forensics.

This has become a central consideration in international exchange of information between for the global agricultural and food security. Therefore, the Department of Biotechnology, the Faculty of Science at Taif University was established as the first specialized department of biotechnology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Royal Decree No. 5640 / M dated 22/4/1426 AH to promote development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to serve development projects in this field, which are reflected on Saudi society, economically and scientifically. After confirming the classification of the bachelor's degree in the specialization of biotechnology in the Ministry of Civil Service and in the guide to educational functions, and within the national transition plan 2020 toward the vision of the Kingdom of 2030 and the role of biotechnology.

The department members, in cooperation with a number of specialists in the field of biotechnology, locally and internationally, evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of the old studying planfor the bachelor's degree that on the basis of advanced scientific foundations to give the outputs of the program the highest academic and professional excellence and achieve the specifications of the graduate of biotechnology to meet the requirements of the labor market and to achieve the ambitions of national transformation 2020 and vision Kingdom of Saudi Arabia of 2030.


Head of Biotechnology department
Dr. Saqer Sultan Alotaibi
Assistant Professor