Start Up

  • The Biotechnology Department at Taif University was establishedby Royal decreeNo. 5640 / AD dated 22/4/1426 H,as the first department in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia specialized in biotechnology.
  • The admission of students at Biotechnology department was suspended in 1433H to evaluate and classify the BSC degree in the Ministry of civil service to provide higher opportunities of career for biotechnology graduates.
  • The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties hasapproved the biotechnology graduates on 19/5/1436H to join jobs in medical institutions under the name of (Laboratory Specialist);conditional by a year of training.
  • The degree of the Bachelor in Biotechnology was classified by the Ministry of Civil Service at the level of the general staff at the seventh and eighth rank in several different institutions, including: laboratories of the SFDA, forensic laboratories, and laboratories of scientific research centers in the field of biotechnology.
  • In 1439H, the study plan of the bachelor's degree has been completely restructured on the basis of advanced scientific principles that give the program outputs the highest academic and professional excellence, achieve the specifications of the graduate of Biotechnology and develop courses to meet and fulfill the requirements of the labor market to achieve the aims of the National Transformation Plan 2020 and vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030.Therefore, the decision was made to launchthe study again in the field of general biotechnology at the Faculty of Science from the first semester of 1439H / 1440H.