Terms and conditions of submission for research groups

 To register in a research group, the following terms and conditions shall be applied

1) The group should have a main researcher to lead the group.

2) The main researcher of the group should be a member of the teaching staff in the university and has published papers in the known journals which are four research articles (ISI) and at least one of them will be the first author for scientific specialization.

3) The researchers participating outside the university must have published papers in the same specialty of the group and in specialized articles with impact factor (ISI).

4) The main researcher should choose a name for the research group that reflects the field of activity and specialization.

5) Multidisciplinary and interrelated in the research group.

6) The objectives of the group and the expertise of the researchers should be related to the high altitude research and support the implementation of the national scientific research strategy.

7) The number of members in the groups shall not be less than three persons of different specialties, and the number of members shall not exceed five including the leader of the research group.

8) The number of participants from outside the university should not exceed two in the local, regional and international research group, and the number of those covered by financial support should not exceed five covered by postgraduate students.

9) The budget of the research in group is subject to the Organization Rules Document to support and disseminate scientific research at the University.

10) The faculty member is entitled to participate in only one group.

11) Heads of groups and advanced members (researchers) should not have recent research support for projects that have not yet ended.

12) The researchers must not participated in another research group or previous research group.

13) Preferring the participation of postgraduate student and external consultant. 

14) The eligible research groups are selected for external evaluation according to the research priorities related to research quality and specialized in high altitude research.

15) The management of the center have the right to assign the principal researcher or researcher to each research group in accordance with the conditions and priorities to present a presentation in the exhibition hall in the center in the presence of the director of the center and the scientific adviser and arbitrators.

16) The main researcher must sign a contract that the group should submit at least three published papers in journals classified of ISI and/or SCOPUS within 14 months

17) The researcher has the right to participate in only one research group (as president or participant) as the following: A. Participate in only one research group. B. He has no stumbling research. C- The researcher shall not have more than one research contract with the Deanship of Scientific Research. D - Not to have participation in two research groups.

18) The research group shall submit a copy of the published research and scientific production, accompanied by a brief report of what has been accomplished.

19) Research groups can be promoted from the internal to the international, in the achievement of scientific achievements and the participation of well-known international researchers.

20) A researcher or two researchers from Taif University may join existing internal / local / regional / international research groups and submit a research project to the group at the university after providing proof of the existence of the group and joining it and joint research with the group and will be treated according to the university regulations and according to the available budget .

21) The research group should express its thanks to the High Altitude Research Center at Taif University and mention the research group number in the published research.