TU President Launches Intelligent Decision Support System

date of publication : 2019-04-08

Important system for making decisions and conducting daily work

TU President Dr. Husam Zaman inaugurated a decision support system that helps in making decisions and implementing daily work at all levels of the University from the academic level to budgeting and strategic planning.

Dr. Zaman pointed out that the completion of an integrated system to support the decision-making process was a big challenge the University managed to overcome, as the system provides an enormous amount of information, data, and statistics about the University’s work.

TU Vice President Prof. Turki Al-Thubaiti said that the decision support system was completed, thanks to the cooperation of the Administration of Strategic Planning with the deanships of Information Technology, Admissions and Registration, Student Affairs, all colleges, and the Department of Personnel.

Dean of University Development Dr. Awadh Al-Juaid said that the decision support system is an intelligent business system comprising a set of applications that facilitate data accessing and analysis, reduce time of data retrieval, and help decision makers to make the right decision