TU to implement an initiative (TU Codes) to promote the culture of coding among its staff and students

date of publication : 2019-03-14

Targeting 1000 users of the "Your Coding Advisor" and 1000 participants in the Coding Club

Taif University is in the process of implementing an initiative to promote the culture of coding among all its students and staff, aiming to increase coding awareness and its impact on various aspects of life as one of the basic requirements of the 21st century jobs.

Launched by TU President Dr. Hussam Zaman, TU Codes is an initiative aiming to spread coding awareness and digital culture in the University, says Dr. Hisham Al-Humyyani, Dean of Computing and Information Technology. Dr. Al-Humyyani also explained that the University will hold a two-week training course with the aim of qualifying programmers to design simple programs by using coding languages ​​such as Java Script, Python, HTML and Arduino.

He pointed out that the initiative includes a joint event (#I_Code) for both male and female freshmen and sophomores in the College of Computing. This daylong event will be held in the sports stadium of the Deanship of Student Affairs to showcase some presentations using one of the coding languages. The best presentations will be recognized and their programmers honored.

According to Dr. Al-Humyyani, the initiative will also:

  • Establish the Coding Club to create an encouraging environment and bring together people from different levels of programming.
  • Launch the TU_Codes portal, which contains information about activities, subscription, and registration forms.
  • Launch “Your Software Advisor,” an online platform that provides free software consulting services to students and employees.
  • Establish an awareness-raising corner in a mall under the theme “TU_Codes” to explain the coding concepts in a simple way to the public by using brochures, banners, and PowerPoint Presentations. This event will be organized in cooperation with the Tiny Coders initiative.
  • Invite students and staff to participate in the national initiative Saudi_codes#.

Regarding future development plans, Dr. Al- Humyyani pointed to the possibility of leveraging coding talents to establish a team of professional programmers who work with the Projectized Organization and are capable of providing software solutions to the public and private sectors.