TU transforms two spaces into global villages through “Cultures and Peoples” Forum

date of publication : 2019-03-13

TU transforms two spaces into global villages through “Cultures and Peoples” Forum

TU transformed two of its squares in male and female sections of campus into global villages to display artifacts of cultures and customs of several countries. The exhibit was represented by a number of faculty members and external scholarship students.

TU President Dr. Husam bin Abdulwahab Zaman inaugurated the fourth iteration of Cultures and Peoples Forum, organized by the Deanship of Student Affairs, with the aim of promoting cultures and heritage of the participating countries and presenting them under one roof through a festival of different colors, dialects, and customs.

The event was attended in the male section by 27 countries represented by students, staff and faculty members; 12 countries were represented in the female campus. The Forum consisted of pavilions exhibiting artifacts of the cultures of TU employees by presenting the historical, cultural, and social heritage as well as the most important cultural features of each country.

The Dean of Student Affairs at TU Dr. Bandar Al-Bugami said, "The Cultures and Peoples Forum reflects TU’s pioneering role in the diversity it has added to the community of Taif City through its multinational students who, through this event, were able to introduce their countries and cultures."

Vice Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Ahmad Fallata said the Forum features a competition for the best exhibit and representation of the participating countries. The winner of the first place will receive SR 5000, the second 3000, and the third 1000. Deciding who wins depends on the diversity of the cultural exhibit, general appearance of the pavilion, and the social interaction in the Forum.

Virtual reality glasses were used in some activities of the Forum in the female section. Visitors were able to experience live travel to Scotland, sightseeing around the country, and speak Japanese while eating sushi.

Vice Dean of Students Affairs for Activities Dr. Amal Ashour stressed that the main objective of this Forum is not only to educate and entertain but also to involve students in activities that stimulate research and innovation. Dr. Ashour pointed out that the participation of female students in fashion shows, cooking and presenting international dishes, and folklore shows is evidence of their research into the cultural and civilizational heritage of their countries.

Among students participating in the Forum was Imad Al-Wadi’i from Yemen who expressed his happiness and thanks to the TU for hosting such activities and thanked the facilitator, Meshal Al-Sufyani, who provided support and assistance to make this event a success. Saeed Ramadan, a student from the Philippines, also praised the Forum and provided a brief overview of the culture and civilization of his country, stressing the importance of holding such events to introduce the cultures and customs of different peoples and to enrich the knowledge of university students.