Taif again… A University Vision

date of publication : 2020-07-05

Taif University has announced an initiative entitled "Taif Again", aims to enhance the effectiveness of Taif Governorate socialy, culturally, and historically through a range of developmental projects and programs. The initiative includes six axes.

Prince Khalid Al Faisal has praised the initiative, pointing out that it represents the part of "building human", which is in harmony with the part of "the place development ". He pointed out that the initiatives of the universities and their projects should be effective in the development of local communities.

Taif University President, Dr. Hossam Zaman said that the initiative seeks to keep pace with the development projects announced by Prince Khalid Al-Faisal which include: Taif International Airport, development of Okaz Market, housing projects, and industrial city.

He said that the objectives of the initiative represented in turning the university into a house of expertise that contributes in enriching society intellectually, scientifically and cognitively, and transforming knowledge into an engine for development.

Dr. Zaman pointed out that the initiative has formed from number of motives: the belief in national responsibility (national duty), the capacities and capabilities of Taif University, the belonging to the place, the historical heritage of Taif Governorate and the vision of its future.

Dr. Zaman has reviewed the factors that will support the University's efforts towards achieving the initiative, including: the availability of qualified human resources (staff and students) and the knowledge wealth of scientific and research output, as well as the availability of modern facilities and services.

He explained that the initiative seeks to activate the "media presence" of Taif governorate and to rehabilitate the mental image of the governorate through the traditional media channels and the new media.the initiative aims to enhance the cultural depth of Taif Governorate through a series of cultural programs.

Finally, he has reviewed the sixth axis of the initiative which focus on "voluntary work", through voluntary groups specialized in the health, social and educational fields.